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After the New York City incident, Loki was brought back to Asgard, believing that he would be met with cruel justice from Odin. However, Frigga, fed up with the cruelty of her husband, banished Odin for everything that he has put her through, including watching her family be torn apart before her own eyes. Knowing that her son was deranged and going through an identity crisis, the fully fledged queen of Asgard forgave Loki, giving him another chance. He is struggling to figure out who he is and has started to come to accept himself with the help of his mother and brother. He no longer considers himself an Odinson or a Laufeyson, but rather a Friggason. One of his first quests as a sign of his loyalty to his mother and queen is to retrieve Thor who has gone missing on Midgard.

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“How is this even possible? How can there be two of us?” It is a perplexing question indeed. It also led him to believe if there is a second of him, why not a third or a fourth? How many Lokis could possibly exist? 


“I believe it has something to do with universes or dimensions.” Loki stated thoughtfully. He had heard this from a Thor that popped up from another dimension or something, and it seemed to be true will all the people he’s been running into.


"Universe or dimensions you say?" Were the lines that separated them breaking, allowing other versions of themselves to come and meet each other? "How very strange."

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He would ask Loki later how he got Natasha to tell him that. “I do, with one of my acid arrows, but that’s only if you go back on this. Know that you do anything wrong to me, to the Avengers, to a guy on the street, and I’m finding you.” The archer said seriously.


:”An acid arrow? Most interesting indeed. I shall keep that in mind should I ever feel the need to cross the line. I know how good you are, Clint. I know better than to go against you twice. Now then, shall we do this vow?”


Clint sighed, but soon nodded. “Yeah, yeah. What do you need? An oath and some blood?” He muttered sarcastically, even though he was trying hard to be civilized.


"Really, Barton. You speak as though I am about to enter you into some barbaric ritual." He clearly picks up on Clint’s sarcasm. "I have no use for your blood. Just hold out your hand and repeat everything that I tell you. Don’t worry. There will be nothing in there to be of a disadvantage. The only tailoring I am doing to it is translating it into your common tongue of English to make it easier for you."

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Fine, fine! Just release me you stupid punk! I’ll go with you. Where are we going at all? shall i pack something?


You will not use insults towards me again, brother. Do you understand me? You need nothing, but a change of attitude. Now come. We are going home, to Asgard.


Aye, I am going home. with you, you cow.


now, tell me everything before my fist meets your pretty face. 

I told you not to insult me. If anyone is the cow in the circumstance it is you. You are certainly big enough to be a cow. Show me some respect and I will help you remember what you so carelessly forgot. I suppose that is to be expected after you delivered me to Asgard before leaving out of your shame towards me.

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Make my Muse mad with a sentence

Guilty and I’m
Broken down inside
Living with myself
Nothing but lies